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The Professional English Our Journey

Our Motive: To expand the education and help the individuals to enhance their communication skills and personality to make them progress in their life.

When I started The Professional English in 2014, I never thought that it will one day become the platform to share my story with all of you. Just like any other young immature mind I was also sure that I will get my dream job easily as I am a tech graduate. So after completing my graduation I too jumped into the rate race and soon realized the difference between the dream and reality when I tried hard but couldn’t get a job in technical field. So understanding the importance of time and need I accepted what I get and started to work as a customer service executive in an MNC. Though the job was not of my choice but still I worked hard and performed outstandingly. But still I was not feeling satisfied. So I listened to my heart and changed the job. I joined another MNC but this time as a technical support.  I was very happy with my job. I never thought that it will be the milestone of my life.

I attended a seminar on spoken English in the company once. The trainer was so impressive in every aspect of English speaking that I decided to learn and speak like her. So I attended all her training sessions and practiced a lot and improved my English communication in such a drastic way that everyone was surprised. But during that time something else also happened. I did a lot of thinking and analysis and realized that there are millions of people here who dream to speak like a native speaker but could not achieve it because of two reasons.

First those institutions who are affordable but don’t provide quality training. And second those institutions that provide quality training but are not affordable for everyone.  The result is that not even the one third of the population is able to speak in proper English, though we have innumerable English speaking institutions in the country.

And that is the time when The Professional English born, first in my mind and later, after a lot of research and hard work into this world.

At the beginning I did not have the idea what to do what not to do. But like it is said that experience is the biggest teacher. So the experiences keep on teaching and me along with The Professional English keep on improving and growing.

Today we have grown into a family with more than twenty trainers and thousands of students not only from Indian but from other countries as well. Within such short span we have expended our arena from English speaking to corporate training, personality development, ILETS /TOFEL exams and to other Indian and foreign languages as well.

The dream started five years ago that every individual of the nation will be able to communicate in English fearlessly and fluently, have now turned into a global vision. And our dedicated team is tirelessly working to turn this vision into reality.