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Spoken English Course

Famous author and a professor Timothy J. Scrase once stated that “English is not only important in getting a better job, it is everywhere in social interaction. If you can’t speak it then you are a Nobody”. None of us can dare to counter his view because it is not just a view it is a truth of modern India. It’s really difficult to find one educated person who can speak any Indian language well without the interference of English words. In fact today it has become so important in our lives that you feel humiliated if you can’t speak English. Clearly English language has acquired a respectable position in Indian context. In fact English language trainingis so much in demand that a variety of English speaking classesand private-tuition shops, English-medium schools are mushrooming in large numbers and are easy to spot almost everywhere in our country. Even if I look around, today I can find at least 8-10 coaching centers that provide English speaking course near me. Apart from that there are also uncountable institutions which provide courses for English speaking onlineas well. And yet most of the English speakers in India can’t speak English fluently. And the reason is that they are unable to find out how to learn English speaking and from where to learn.

The Professional English is one of the best English speaking course institutes in Delhi, which provides the platform to master the English speaking to everyone, irrespective of their age, social or professional stature and their level of fluency in the language. Keeping this purpose of Quality training with absolute improvement and maximum comfort in the core, the R&D team of expert trainers and teachers from across the globe has designed the programs on the line of Cambridge Assessment English course.

Some of the distinctive features of our speaking English courses are:

  • Classes through online and offline mode
  • 1-to-1 classes
  • Classes available 24×7 and all 7 days of the week
  • Per month 20 hours class module
  • Native as well as international trainers
  • Customized training module

The demo class provides the insight to the trainer about the fluency level of the candidate, which in turn help us to personalize the course module as per the needs of the candidate. Keeping in mind the general comprehension ability of the people we have divided our spoken Englishcourse in the following three stages:


This elementary level course is of two months and for those who have very low fluency or no fluency at all.

Objective: Confidence building, enhance grammar knowledge, pronunciation correction, writing skills and comprehension skills improvement, vocabulary build- up, sentence structure and sentence formation knowledge.

Course details:

  • Greetings and self- introduction
  • Building basic vocabulary
  • Grammar (parts of speech, articles, prepositions, modals and tenses)
  • Sentence construction
  • How to frame questions
  • How to give instructions, directions, advices and suggestions
  • Everyday conversation
  • Describing the personality types
  • Silent letters
  • Homophones
  • Routines
  • Role plays
  • Punctuations
  • Proof reading
  • Activities
  • Audio- visual class
  • Presentation tips
  • Public Speaking
  • Newspaper reading
  • Professional manner and etiquettes



This is a two month intermediate level course, for those who have basic knowledge of the language.

Objective: Error free speaking, correct pronunciation, fully improved listening and reading skills, vocabulary up gradation.

Course details:

  • Recap of basic language contents
  • Sentence correction
  • GDs for professional speaking skills
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Debate and Extempore
  • Usage of Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs and Slangs
  • Removing the communication barriers
  • Pronunciation drills
  • Audio- visual class
  • Presentation tips
  • Public Speaking
  • Newspaper reading
  • Spoken English games



The two months advance level course is designed to inherit the deep knowledge of language.

Objective:  to develop the academic and professional level command over language in both written as well as speaking skills.

Course details:

  • All new professional presentation skills
  1. Handling nervousness and killing Hesitation
  2. GDs, Debates and Extempore
  3. Interview skills and mock sessions
  • Effective Communication skills
  1. Professional vocabulary enrichment
  2. Metaphorical and professional use of idioms, phrases, proverbs and Language
  3. Handling Tricky Questions
  4. Smart English vs. Normal English
  5. Telephonic communication
  6. Business writing (emails, letters, Business communication, comprehension and composition
  7. Audio- visual activities for public speaking
  • Accent Neutralization
  1. Intonation and accent reduction
  2. Speaking and listening effectively
  3. Mouth and jaw relaxation exercises
  4. Texting and evaluation
  5. Pronunciation correction
  6. Fluency diction
  • Personality Development
  1. Attitude management
  2. Time management
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. Body language drills
  6. Office etiquettes and manners
  7. Role play
  8. Real life case study

The Professional English team believes that a teacher’s duty to motivate and help the learner to develop his/ her skills and a learner’s responsibility is to learn. And that is exactly what we do here.