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Communicate effectively and confidently in the worlds business language

Beginner English Speaking Course

There are many situations in everyday life when we suffer shame due to lack of the ability of English conversation. Whether it is your child’s PTM or booking/ ordering something over phone or a gathering where most of the people can speak English but you can’t or be it is a dream job you want to have but you can’t because you don’t have English communication skills. So how you will survive in the country which has the second highest number of English speakers in the world? Obviously by learning the same language as there is no other way around.

The Professional English understands that such situations need to be deal with serious efforts. And that is why The Professional English introduces the Beginner English Speaking Course. The course designed for those who need to start from scratch.

The course content comprise of:

  • Knowledge of fundamental grammatical structures and functions
    • Sentence types
    • Tenses
    • Active voice and Passive voice
    • Parts of speech
    • Word order
    • Expressing possibility or/ refusing/giving permission, making offers, suggestions, etc.
  • Simple phrases and sentences construction.
  • Greetings in English
  • English for social events
  • English for professional events
  • Daily vocabulary booster
  • English for formal and informal telephonic conversations
  • Confidence build-up by removing mother tongue influence and fillers
  • Story narration
  • Incident narration
  • Presentation skills
  • Situational conversation in everyday life

This course is practical, comprehensive and easily understandable even for those who are completely unfamiliar with English language.